Bodywise is no longer offering Yoga classes. We suggest you contact YOGANEST, a social enterprise of St. Margaret’s House, where Bodywise is based. They provide low cost, accessible fitness and wellbeing classes and workshops to the local community, which are values in line with Bodywise's vision. From yoga, dance, ballet to meditation and many more. For more info please click here.

Natural Therapies

Yoga gives energy, which enables us to lead life fully and with enjoyment. This is true at every level of being. Physically it strengthens the body by developing greater flexibility and balance. It can give relief from numerous common ailments and allows stress to loosen its grip on us. Psychologically, yoga sharpens the intellect, aids concentration and steadies the emotions. It includes breathing techniques which help calm the mind, and in the realm of the spiritual, yoga brings awareness and the ability to be still, which gives rise to inner peace.