Deep Tissue Massage

Massage is a complementary and holistic therapy that benefits the whole body, both physiologically and psychologically. It uses the powerful medium of touch to facilitate healing and connection with all aspects of the self. It is beneficial for all body systems and is a safe, non-invasive way to promote relaxation and to stimulate the body's own innate healing mechanisms.

"The skin is one of the richest sources of immune cells and when stimulated with a massage it produces a shower of healing chemicals into the blood stream"

~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

Deep tissue massage works on the deeper layer of muscle tissue and was design to relieve severe tension in the muscles and it is often recommended for individuals who experience muscular pain or prefer a more vigorously pressure.

Conditions that can be alleviated with a deep tissue massage:

. Lower, middle and back pain in general

. Muscular stiffness

. Muscular cramp

. Sciatic pain

. Fatigue

. Insomnia

. Headaches

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