Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be of great value when coming up against a problem or situation in life which we feel we can't deal with on our own. It can also be useful for our personal growth and self-development. The therapist support and encourage us to change those sometimes deeply-rooted patterns and habits that stand in the way of fulfilling our own potential as happier, more integrated human beings. It can help us come to terms with loss and bereavement, or support us through difficult times in our lives. The number of sessions will be negotiated beforehand. They can be a specific number or open-ended and will be reviewed as necessary. The approach taken by the counsellor or therapist is always in relation to the needs of the client.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help, amongst other things, with the following issues:

    • relationship problems
    • eating problems (bulimia/anorexia/binge eating)
    • substance abuse, emotional or physical trauma
    • support in times of crisis, such as loss, bereavement, or facing life threatening diseases
    • depression, isolation, anxiety, hopelessness looking for more direction in life phobias.

Counselling is generally for shorter-term work (up to 6 months) agreed in advance, and tends to focus on a specific issue in the client's life.

We have a team of counsellors and psychotherapists working at Bodywise. Professional Counsellors are represented by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and our Psychotherapists are recognised by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), each of which has its own code of ethics and system of Accreditation/Registration.

Humanistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

In humanistic psychotherapy, each client is considered the expert in their own life with a fundamental impulse towards increased health and growth. The therapist supports you to develop your own understanding and solutions.

Chris Jude


Chris Jude is a warm and insightful psychotherapist, who works with the individual’s desire for change and their wish to live their life in a more fulfilling and satisfying way. She recognizes each person as unique and as having the capacity to learn and grow. She offers you the opportunity to explore your experience and deepen your understanding, while supporting you to develop new options and solutions for yourself, including practical and effective ways to integrate your learning into your everyday life.

Chris initially worked as a teacher in community and adult education before progressing to leadership roles in education, including the NHS. She remains inspired and moved by how people learn and develop, in spite of tough life experiences and numerous disadvantages.

Chris is a graduate of Spectrum Centre for Humanistic Psychology, a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and Associate of the UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners. She volunteers as a counsellor and psychotherapist for City and Hackney Mind and at the Ann Tayler Children’s Centre in Hackney. She also practises privately in Brockley, SE4

Chris practises at Bodywise on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 5 and 9 pm and charges £45 for a 50 minute session.

Contact number 07788 184 154.


Lawrence Humanistic counsellorLawrence Carberry

Lawrence is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples on a wide range of issues. As a Humanistic therapist he believes that we each have an inner ability to heal and supports his clients to discover those parts of themselves with which they are less familiar. Lawrence is gentle in his approach however is willing to be challenging when appropriate. He began training in 2002, gaining, initially, a Certificate in Counselling Skills. He is in continuing ongoing training and is an Accredited Member of the BACP, whose code of ethics he works within. Lawrence has 5 years experience of bereavement support work with St.Francis Hospice, Romford. He worked with City and Hackney MIND from November 2005-May2007 and in addition to his private practice at Bodywise, Canary wharf and Buckhurst Hill he currently provides counselling for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity at Sawbridgeworth.

Lawrence practises at Bodywise on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm to 9pm, and charges £55 for a 50 minute session.

Contact number 07785 562 312.


Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy is a therapeutical approach based on the fundamental unity between body and mind, which are complex and interactive aspects of the whole human being. It brings together humanistic and analytic perspectives, using techniques such a body-awareness, breathing and movement to facilitate internal self-regulative processes and the accurate perception of external reality. The explicit theory underlining Body Psychotherapy has developed over the last eighty years from research in biology, anthropology and neuropsysiology, among other interdisciplinary areas.

Lilamani Psychotherapist


Lilamani (Teresa del Soldato) qualified as Body Psychotherapist in 2002, from the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy based in Ealing, London. Lilamani is an ordained Buddhist and also uses body-related meditation tools to help clients developing emotional awareness.

Lilamani practises at Bodywise on Thursday and Friday mornings (8am-1pm) and Wednesday and Friday evenings (5-9pm), and charges £60 for a 50 minute session. Concessions available.

Contact number 07929 232 861.


george nadrawisGeorge Andrawis

George is a calm, easy going and non-judgemental therapist. He is bilingual and has lots of experience working inter-culturally.

He works privately, with the NHS and various charities. He has done lots of work with clients that have depression, terminal illness, learning disabilities, in the process of seeking asylum, have low mood, difficulties managing relationships, anxiety and poor anger management.

George likes to work psychodynamically, which means his sessions would be focusing on clients unconscious, early relationships, and development as a way of understanding their current moods, behaviour, decisions and patterns. People that find this model helpful usually feel their problems are things that are much more complex and deep rooted. His clients also express that working psychodynamically has taught them to be much more reflective and have a greater sense of awareness in their everyday lives.

Sessions are confidential as he is bound by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy'scode of Ethics.

Individual therapy usually consists of meeting once weekly for 50mins. Sessions can be focused towards an agreed end, or open ended. This agreement is based on what it is you hope to achieve in therapy and your availability.

George practices at Bodywise on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-9pm and charges £55 for a 50 minute session.
Reduced sessions for students and low income based clients are £40.

Contact number 07765 997 260.


Diana Cliff Diana Cliff

Diana offers a warm, kind and safe relationship to explore what’s troubling you and how you can move on in your life.

Diana will draw on a range of psychotherapeutic approaches depending on you and what you bring to sessions. Her core practice is Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy – focusing on your experience in the present, while honouring it’s roots on the past. She may also draw on aspects of body psychotherapy, western personality therapy, psychodynamics, psychotherapeutic skills and trauma skills. Her approach is informed by Buddhist psychology, mindfulness and compassion practices.

Diana’s work in private practice and in community mental health has often included working with anxiety, depression, the impact of trauma - especially sexual abuse in childhood - as well as loss and bereavement. Relationship issues, a loss of meaning in life, low confidence, self-esteem and anger are familiar issues in her work.

She offers both short-term counselling and longer term psychotherapy.

Diana has an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute, is a Registered Member of the BACP and is also working towards accreditation with the UKCP. She is an Ordained Buddhist, and is also known as Kamalasiddhi.

Diana practices at Bodywise on Tuesday evening between 5 and 9pm and charges £50 for a 60 minute session.

Contact number 07939 527 839.

Contact number 07939 527 839.

Bodywise is based in Bethnal Green - East London - London Borough of Tower Hamlets.