Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art. Practising Tai Chi will support your general health and harmony. Research shows that T’ai Chi has health benefits such as improved blood circulation and a strengthened immune system. It can help overcome stress and its related illnesses, it can also improve posture and contribute to greater quality of life. Tai Chi is based upon relaxation of body and mind and can make one feel more relaxed and energised.

Tai Chi Drop-in Classes

During these classes you will learn a section of the Tai Chi Form that you can practice and enjoy in your own time.

Shubha’s teacher was taught by a Chinese master called Rose Li who established a form called Peking Style. She said it is ‘Natural Tai Chi for Health’. It is an Internal Martial Art which means, that although during the classes you will learn this Tai Chi form from external directions, there will also be time for you to explore your own internal experience of moving mindfully. Rose Li said, ‘The “being” is more important than the form’. She would often emphasise that external forms were not the main point. Her aim was for students to ‘get the interior part’.

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