Life Coaching

When we have clear what we really want to create in our lives, decisions are made easier. Small changes can lead to great achievements. And when we chose voluntary to live mindfully, our deepest values meet our needs, and happiness begins with just a small step today. Coaching is a way of taking that small step, and then the next one, and then when we realise we're already living that seeming distant desired future.

Coaching is a therapeutical process that invites us to discover more about ourselves, the patterns of our behaviour that need to be changed, and most important, which limited beliefs need to be transformed. And to achieve that, our coach holds a non judgmental space that encourages us to consider new ways of looking at our experiences, creating value from any situation as an opportunity to grow.

Through a journey of sincere partnership and commitment of both parts, our coach supports us to increase our personal resources in order to maintain us ground on the here-and-now. But the most important thing in this journey is that we'll naturally strength our personal power to create more resilience and trust, towards ourselves and ultimately towards life.

We might come to a Life Coaching for all sorts of reasons, including:

  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Clarify what you really want to create in your life
  • Access your true potential
  • Increasing self esteem and self confidence
  • Finding a new relationship or resolving problems in an existing one
  • Understand what SUCCESS really means to you
  • Finding new friends or deepening existing friendships
  • Overcoming fear, sadness, anxiety, depression

Franco Neto

Franco NetoFranco Neto is graduated in Social Sciences, post-graduated in Coaching Psychology and trained as complementary therapist.

Through a holistic perspective he offers Coaching as a inspirational process for welcoming positive changes in all aspects of your life. He believes that to improve the quality of your life changes must start from within and must start from the now.

Franco has a singular approach that requests beforehand one basic thing from you: Openness. And it will be this openness that will allow you to discover the most fascinating things about yourself, and your determination to accomplish any of your goals.

Franco sees clients at Bodywise from Monday to Saturday.

Please call 07824 466 117 for an introductory session over the phone.

Fees are negotiable.

Concessions and Low-cost are available.

24 hr cancellation policy applies

Bodywise is based in Bethnal Green - East London - London Borough of Tower Hamlets.